Dublin in 48 hours: What to see and do

Dublin is the perfect city break destination for a weekend getaway, offering plenty to see and do without leaving you rushed off your feet. Much smaller than many other capital cities, it is fairly easy to explore Dublin on foot, taking in the city sights (and pubs) as you go.

Much of our own trip centred around Dublin’s bars and breweries, including enjoying a local cider and live music at the iconic Temple Bar, plus an obligatory visit to the Guinness Storehouse and The Old Jameson’s Distillery.

However there are still plenty of cultural landmarks to explore, such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College and St Patrick’s Cathedral to name just a few.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Dublin landmarks and activities that you can easily see and do in just 48 hours.

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

It may be one of Dublin’s most notorious tourist hotspots, but for good reason. Even people who aren’t fans of the stout drink (myself included) will be fascinated by this innovative tour that shares the history of how Guinness was produced, manufactured and distributed. Follow the tour by pouring your own pint, or sip on a professionally-poured drink while taking in the city sights at the Storehouse’s rooftop bar.

Book ahead to avoid the queues and save money on your ticket. From €14 per person including one pint of Guinness. https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en

The Old Jameson’s Distillery

The Old Jameson's Distillery, Dublin

Located on the other side of the river to the Guinness Storehouse is The Old Jameson’s Distillery. This building – which is currently undergoing renovations until March – offers an interesting insight into how the whiskey is produced, along with a demonstration of how the Irish liqueur differs to its Scottish and American rivals.

As well as getting a little taste of three different whiskeys, you can cap off the tour with a complimentary Jameson’s – either on the rocks or in a tasty cocktail.

Book tickets: https://www.jamesonwhiskey.com/uk/visit-us/oldjamesondistillery

Temple Bar

Temple Bar, Dublin

Pay a visit to Temple Bar on the south bank of the River Liffey for a real taste of Dublin’s nightlife. Here you’ll find a number of traditional Irish pubs with live music, plus a fun and lively atmosphere all within a few metres of each other.

Be sure to pop into The Temple Bar, a renowned pub that has been open since 1840 and is one of the most famous pubs in the city.

River Liffey

River Liffey, Dublin

The River Liffey runs through the middle of Dublin, running past a number of landmarks including the Ha’Penny Bridge, Liberty Hall and Docklands. Take in the sights on a 45-minute boat tour, or explore on foot with a stroll along the riverside.

Vintage Cocktail Club

Are you sensing a theme here?! We definitely got a good taste for Dublin’s nightlife during our weekend here, and this speakeasy bar offered something a little different to the traditional Irish pubs, despite being just up the street from Temple Bar. From the outside this building is pretty unremarkable, but on the inside the venue is transformed into a cool vintage-style speakeasy with an extensive cocktail list.

Ray’s Pizza

Ray's Pizza, Dublin

This may not be a landmark, but it gets an honorary mention for producing one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten – and that’s saying something. We still occasionally find ourselves looking back and drooling over this huge pepperoni and chicken pizza almost one year on – well worth a visit!

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